Claiming Her Together

Don sauntered into the house with a brunette.

She was all curves and soft lips a super horny escort from London’s Baywater area.

Tight ass and firm thighs and full, bouncy hair.

Dark eyes that screamed sex and cleavage peeking out of the top of low cut lacey top. She was exactly Sean’s type. Don had chosen well.

“Yo Sean!” Don’s voice was like a jolt of lightning.

“Get in here.”What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?”

Sean hesitantly stepped through the door.

His friend on the bed, naked girl in his lap, whispering what must be filthy things into her ear judging by her reaction. Don gave her a swift slap on the ass, and she got up with a sexy smile walking towards Sean. As she grabbed his wrist and led him to the bed, Sean’s world was spinning faster and tighter in on itself. She pushed him down onto the bed next to his friend as she kissed him almost violently. Seconds later, she managed to free Sean from his t-shirt and boxers gasping theatrically at his impressive member.

“Atta boy, Sean…” Don said making him grin happily.

If the London escort girl seemed eager before, she looked ravenous now.

She wasted no time pushing Sean back down onto the bed and straddling him as she pushed a condom on him. Lowering herself onto him, she took every inch of him. Her hips begun to rock in steady rhythm. Sean was in her hands, so he held on to her hips for dear life.

Thankfully, this escort seemed more than happy to take the reins.

In Sean’s distraction, he didn’t immediately notice the weight of Don’s knees back on the mattress behind the girl. It also didn’t immediately register that Don got directly behind the girl, kneeling in between Sean’s long legs. Only when he saw Don’s strong and calloused hands on the girl’s chest did Sean realize his friend was still with them.

They had decided to hire and escort in London for this together but he had managed to forget Don’s presence until he made it felt.

Don purred into the girl from behind, “You ready to be airtight doll?”

Before she could answer, Sean felt the girl tighten around his manhood, except it wasn’t just the girl. He felt his friend, Don, filling every last space inside the girl, claiming her together with him. As far as firsts go, this had to be one of the best in history.



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