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The music was pounding loud in my London apartment and me being such a light footed little escort Jeremy didn’t hear me come in so I used that to my advantage. He was an old friend who came to visit for a couple of weeks. Wanting to make sure his visit was as splendid and as memorable as ever, I decided to spice things up a bit. I snuck into the apartment, ensuring that he didn’t hear me come in. In the bathroom I went and slipped into something sexy. A new pair of thigh length white stockings, a skimpy little school girls checked skirt, my favourite sexy t-shirt that’s so small it doesn’t even cover my boobs “mmmmh open in all the right areas”. I walked into the room, immediately demanding Jeremy’s attention. His eyes lit up as he looked at me from head to toe. I could tell that he liked what he saw. His tongue carefully glided over his lips as he took me in “yes this is every man’s dream of how an agency date should look”.
‘You look amazing, Sonia,’ he said with that cheeky smile on his face that never ceases to turn me on.
‘I’m glad you like what you see,’ I said, reaching over to the stereo and turning down the music. ‘Now, what would you like to do to me?’
He chuckled, ‘I’d rather show you than tell you,’ he said.
‘Oh, but Jeremy,’ I replied, ‘I’ve got to approve of your wishes first. You know that’s how things work with me. Plus, I want this night to last for as long as possible.’

He gave in, describing to me in detail everything that he wanted to put my body through. I was astonished at how filthy his mouth was. I knew that he was a naughty boy but he definitely took things to a different level that night. It goes without saying that I offered Jeremy my seal of approval. But before I allowed him to please me in all the right ways, I needed to show him what I could do. Being an experienced escort, I’ve got more skills than the average agency companion and a lot more than he could have ever began to imagine. I teased and toyed with him, bringing him to the point where he was begging me to give him permission to carry out his end of the deal. When I was through with him, I settled back and reveled in the complete and utter satisfaction he delivered to my body. Nights of screams rolled over into morning of moans and we enjoyed each and every bit of each other till the sun set high in the sky.

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