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I rang Rachel and we chatted about her work as a Creative Director for a London fashion house. She was as classy as many of the escorts at the agency and we’d met at a fashion show a few years ago. We decided to meet for impromptu cocktails and I quickly changed and headed out.

Rachel was always busy. The last time we’d met, we’d gone to watch a chick-flick at the cinema, followed by a meal and way too much wine. That was almost two months ago. Whilst she didn’t know about my job, I had sent her a message about the lingerie modelling. At first, she did not believe me.

So we sat drinking Mojitos and catching up on everything that had happened. I showed her my two photos and explained my contract had just arrived in the post for at least twelve shoots.

Whilst she looked at the photos, she appraised my figure. “I hadn’t realised you were so curvy, even for a size ten. They are good. Who shot them?”

I explained the experience and then went on to tell her about Josh not liking my choice of modelling. She listened and I saw her look. “Most guys especially the hunky London type don’t dig their missus in lingerie. He probably just needed to think about it.”

“That may be the case, but I started to feel restricted around him. He’s good-looking, but I like my freedom too. Perhaps having a boyfriend isn’t for me right now.”

Rachel was also newly-single. Her story was quite different, and involved a cheating love-rat and a very expensive escort called Mandy Sinclair. She appeared to be okay, and it was really good to catch up. I left the bar, feeling renewed. I did have friends, but just needed to see them more often.

When I arrived home, I checked out my modelling contract. There was a commitment, for the next four months of a hundred hours of modelling, with my rate. I needed to be available for a day per week, with an exception over Christmas/New Year.

I could fit that in, with my other work. I just didn’t need someone telling me what to do after all that’s why I left Sasha’s agency!



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