Working in London has its advantages

Stuart, a wonderful client of mine, has opened up a world to me and feeds my appetite with all the things that I desire. This is one of the advantages of working in London and being one of a few escorts who get to hang out with the super rich gentlemen who own the city.

Rather than buying all these wonderful things for myself, I get them given to me by my clients, such as Stuart who rewards me for the great ways in which I please him. Outside of feeling like the most beautiful girl and also the sexiest escort on the planet, due to the constant compliments I receive, Stuart ensures that our time together is a lot more than just sex.

This doesn’t mean that our time together doesn’t involve some of the most excellent and enjoyable bedtime activities, because it certainly does. But it means that I get to buy in on the romance, I get to feel the passion of lovemaking and in addition to all of this, I get to enjoy great conversation with a man that my body yearns for.

If he’s been a really good boy, I like to introduce him to my wild side, my alter ego. Like most London guys who frequently visit us escorts my school girl costumes are one of his favorites, and when I put my hair in pigtails, his arousal reaches new heights. But seeing just how turned on he gets makes excited and I just can never help but to tease him. He loves the fact that I can be one person in the bedroom and a completely different person when we’re walking the streets of London and blending into events filled with the high and mighty and nobody knowing I’m his girl. But regardless of where we are, my appetite to rip his clothes off and indulge is always burning high and I just can’t wait to get him alone and do the things to him that only I can.

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