Every Escort Girls Dream

I had a shortlist of three apartments, and a mews house over three floors perfect for an escort girl London, close to the west end is a must. After a long discussion with the agent, I had managed to get the house rent reduced by two hundred quid per month on the basis I would want a two year lease. I would be paying slightly less, but Josh would be paying the same, and the locations were not quite as private. Josh would need to look at them too.

Instead of talking on the phone, I took a morning off from escorting to look around. The rental agent looked delighted when I walked in. I explained what I wanted and explained what we needed. I explained I need space for my materials as I run a soft furnishings business. When I told her my current address, she looked at me as I explained. “Sadly, the rent will go up as the Russian landlord is clawing the flat back for a family member. I want a deal; a good negotiation and this is what I want for a two year fixed rate.”

She looked at me curiously. “Well, I have something rather special. It came in yesterday and it is only a stone’s throw away from South Kensington station. It has three bedrooms and an en-suite shower room. It is over the second and third floors. I have a little leeway with the rent.”

She looked through her drawer and brought out the draft details. It was a lovely place, on a tree-lined, quiet road. The price was more than what I was paying now, so I asked if she could try and reduce it by fifteen percent, for longevity of the lease. The bonus was that it was available in around a month. Then I saw every escort girls dream the private roof terrace, to have this in the centre of London sent out the right message, I was immediately sold on it.

I rang Josh excitedly and explained what I had found. “You would love it too. You could have your man cave and I could use the smallest bedroom as my workplace for my soft furnishings.”

He was busy, but thought it sounded great. I realised he must be about to meet a client, and rang off. “I’ll see you at about eleven if you still want me to come over.”

Of course I did! I wanted to show him our new place.


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