Fire building up within him

Late at night when the streets in London are the stillest is when Henry likes to pay me a visit. I guess the mysterious air of it all is what gives him a rush. He likes to talk to me on the phone while making his way to my apartment- describing the darkness of the night, the silence, the scent of the London air and of course, all the things he wants to do to me when he arrives. These conversations are surely the kind that will have any woman on her toes. The way he goes into detail about the parts of my body that he wants to please and just how he plans on tending to my needs makes me want him more and more as the seconds turn into minutes. Henry really is the quite the story teller which is perhaps the thing that I love the most about him. His continuous talking, even during our most passionate encounters adds a special touch to our sessions.

Between the sheets he always starts off calm, pleasing me softly and slowly, whispering to me as he gets in the groove and in return, he likes when I speak Moldovian to him. I can’t blame him really. Moldovian is just the sexiest language that exists and when whispering in his ear I often get myself even more aroused with the things that I say to him. But the calmness that once was quickly switches to something more intense and I always know when it’s coming. Henry gets this look in his eyes, he bites down on his lower lip and I can see the fire building up within him and I know that he’s ready to pounce; I know he’s ready to take things to the next level and show me just how much stamina he’s got. I love these moments because if there is anything that should be noted about me it’s that I’m an escort who loves to play dirty. I have an incredibly naughty side and I love when there is a buildup that allows me to release it and to show the men why I’m one of the most loved escorts in this beautiful city. And you can bet that by the time our night comes to an end, there is no forgetting Cara and her sweet Moldovian ass. I’m that good and the men who have requested my services keep coming back because they can never get enough.

About the author:
Moldovian model Cara recently arrived to take up a position as a London escort with BOL

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