R&R day for a busty escort babe

The things that happened in that massage parlor, a few weeks ago, were certainly hotter than what most escorts in London experience in their own bedrooms. I hadn’t intended for them to happen, but when magic happens, there’s no stopping the amazing things that are brought to life.

I’d had a pretty hectic week and decided that it was time for me to treat myself to something nice. It had been forever since I’d gotten a stress relieving massage and so I decided to schedule one at the new central London branch of well known chain of parlours that opened up not too long ago. The place was marvelous, but both the ladies and men working there, were even more striking. ‘Escort, her to room 3,’  said one of the beautiful ladies. I was brought to a place filled with amazing aromas, brilliantly candle lit and had just the ambiance I needed to relax. Naked, I lay flat on the massage table, waiting for some strong hands to bless my body. I turned to my right, upon hearing the opening of the door and there, before me, was a man, who I wanted to touch me with a lot more than his hands. I was speechless, his perfect tan, his curly hair, he was absolutely stunning. He dripped the warm oil on my back and started to dig his fingers into me, ridding me of years of tension. As he worked his way down, tackling my leg region, I parted my legs. He seemed to have known just what I wanted him to do, because slowly, but surely, he made his way, up, further and further, until he touched me, in just the right spot. And when he noticed just how accepting of his embrace I was, he kept going, rubbing, harder and faster and then out of nowhere I was pulled back and slid down the table. I felt something bigger enter me, something that no one could mistake for a finger. His hard, firm manhood had filled me up and was now stroking me hard and firm.

Here I was one of London’s most reviewed escorts, in this parlor, being massaged from the outside in, and I knew that I had chosen the right place to get my happy ending. And this guy, whose name was proudly displayed on his name tag, but I was being bounced around too much to read, surely he enjoyed this day on the job, more than he ever had.

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