First date with an escort

I had a call from the businessman from the train. He grilled me on the phone and when he realised I was an escort in London he put the phone down. Not to worry, if he thought I was genuinely looking for a new partner, he was sadly mistaken. I wondered what he would have been like in bed, but perhaps, given his role as a QC, he was in a quandary about what to do.

Around an hour later, he rang back. George, as that was his name, wanted to meet up the next evening, but I was booked for the next two nights, and then I was out for a Valentine’s night dinner with Josh. I could meet him the night after that. I never mentioned anything about his job and assured him complete privacy. All terms were agreed and I knew his lust for me would increase over the next few days.

I met an excited George at a large, non-descript London hotel perfect for escorts to ply there trade, which happened to be full of Japanese tourists. In his room, he undressed quickly and lay back on the bed, caressing himself. I undressed slowly and he said, “I have thought about screwing you for two weeks since I saw you. You are dangerously seductive. Do you have many clients?”

I shook my head. “No, not really, mainly a few regulars, and I’m choosy about who I go with, but there was something sexy about you. I could feel the tension on that train. You were trying to imagine my breasts exposed, weren’t you.”

He nodded as I peeled off my bra and groaned at the sight of my bare breasts. “Pert, but full, they are gorgeous.” I took off my silk French knickers and showed him my neatly-trimmed mound, before parting my lips a little. George moaned and it wasn’t long before I was riding him hard and fast, letting him touch me any way he wanted. He certainly liked to fondle my breasts and could not take his eyes off them as they bounced. I slowed down and bent down to kiss him. He had the softest kiss imaginable, and I liked how he was gentle, even when passionate.

I stroked his chest and the tops of his thighs, as I threw my head back and started again. This time I wouldn’t stop until he was fully satisfied with his first date with an escort.


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