Away From London Escorts need a Break

After a reasonable pleasant and timely train service, my parents met me at the station. It was good to see them, especially my dad whom I hadn’t seen for around five months. I gave him his present and my mum asked where Josh was. I explained his job was busy and the weekends at the theatre were days he could not take off.

I had spoken with Josh this morning very briefly, but he sounded tired.

I needed him to get out of that job if we had any chance of surviving. I would pack in the lingerie modelling in a few months, keep my current London clients, but not seek any more. Then, he could do more of his own hobbies which he’d put to the wayside.

The meal with my parents went well. I love the local gastropub. Of course, there was a quiz night starting at nine, so we ate early so we could be a quiz team. I knew a few answers, my mum is good with geography and music and my dad got all of the sports-related questions. We came second and were given a bottle of Cava. We’d drink that later at home.

I think my mum knows about my business in London escorts activity can be hard to hide from the prying eyes of mum. I think she knows I did work with the Russians and that Vlad was a spill over of that. She has never asked, but she took in my clothes and my make-up and jewellery. When she asked about Josh, she noticed the brief hesitation.

“Everything is fine between us. He works hard and so do I. I guess he doesn’t do many things outside of work. He likes the odd meal out, art and football. I suggest things and he doesn’t seem as keen to do them as I am. I’ve suggested a weekend away so we can get some time together so I hope that’ll mean we get some quality time together.”

Mum looked at me. “You’ll either come through it, or not – you’ve only been together for ten months, and you’ve only lived together for seven weeks of that. Give it some time.”

She was right. I was looking forward to spending time with my parents. I had nothing to worry about. I had a gorgeous, attentive boyfriend whim I loved very much. Then, I remembered the thong. I had rescued it, washed it and handed it back She looked at me for a long time, and I realised she was telling me it wasn’t hers after all.


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