Tease Me Whilst You Do It

I felt my body tense up as the rough fingers stroked down between my cleavage. My client had booked me through the new escorts agency, he was a smoker, and I could smell it on his breath. Also, whatever he did for a living had left his hands calloused. However, he was extremely wealthy, wore good clothes and the Rolex was real, not a fake. As if reading my thoughts Reuben looked at me.

“Let’s shower together. I’ll get to see that gorgeous body of yours. I need to brush my teeth too. It’s been a long day in London so I want to relax for the next couple of hours.

I stood up and slipped the silk shift dress over my shoulders and carefully put the delicate fabric onto a hanger. Reuben watched me; his dark features were cloaked in the darkness of the room, as the bedside light was dimmed down to its lowest point. He sat back, swilled the last of his whisky in his glass and drank it back in one. I eased down my French knickers, slipped of my bra and asked if he needed any help in undressing. “No, I won’t be a minute. I’d like to watch you soaping yourself as I undress if that’s okay. Tease me whilst you do it.”

I turned and heard the sound of liquid being poured into a glass. He was going to have another drink of whisky, so I left him to it, switch on the power shower in the large double cubicle .I tied my hair up so it would not get wet and then slipped into the shower.

I could see Reuben’s outline through the doorway. He was getting undressed and I wondered what he would look like naked. Would he be rugged, shapely, or would his skin be smoother than that of his hands? I didn’t have to wait long. He strode through the doorway confidently, as I was soaping my breasts with a smile. He was tanned, with a large tattoo on his chest, and he looked quite weathered. I had an idea he worked outdoors, but I had no idea what he did for a living. Not yet, anyway!

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