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My bedroom is painted a mocha colour over white lining paper. I think it looks boring and even though clients aren’t looking at the colour of the walls in my London flat, so much action takes place in this room, I really wanted to spice it up and turn it into a fitting escorts boudoir. I have nice Egyptian cotton bedding and antique, quality furniture, two fabulous canvases, so I decided to go shopping for quality wallpaper for a feature wall behind my bed. I’d recovered my headboard so wanted a blue, red and gold pattern, and preferably flock for texture. Decorating was allowed within my lease terms and I had checked, so now it was time to go shopping.

I wore a simple, shift dress and scooped my hair up into a ponytail. I clicked along in moderate wedges rather than high heels, and enjoyed the mile-long walk. It was good to feel the warm breeze against my bare legs. I heard someone whistle as I walked down the road and ignored it. As if I would turn around!

I knew as soon as I walked into the shop, I hadn’t bargained for a full interior design experience. This place would be my downfall.

I love making my furnishings and have a good eye for quality, but this shop was something else. I browsed the lamps, kitchen paraphernalia and candles. I could create a dent in my credit balance of mortgage-style proportions in a place like this. I checked out the linens and craft section, but managed to put everything back.

However, when I noticed the bathroom accessories, I decided that I’d give my bathroom an overhaul too. I picked up a basket and put a few things inside. Then I saw the wallpaper section.

I browsed through various designer patterns and found the exact wallpaper to suit that wall. I almost jumped with joy as I could already visualise what it would look like against my re-covered headboard. I needed four rolls of this design, and this would allow for pattern-matching and a margin of error too. I glanced at the price and flinched, but I had made up my mind. Then I spotted a funky standard lamp and decided I would acquire one of those too.

At the till, I found out that the wallpaper and lamp could be delivered, free-of-charge, as I lived within three miles of their west London depot. I still had my other goodies to open when I arrived home and knew this would brighten up quite a plain bathroom. Soon my new boudoir would be complete and ready for action that all good escorts enjoy so much!



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