A professional lady of the evening

After my photo-shoot, I changed and headed off for my date with Josh in London’s west end. I left my hair wavy, but toned down the make-up, most escorts would keep it loud but classy girls like me don’t do that sort thing.

I was thinking about this opportunity. I would like to model lingerie as it was different and exciting. I was warned that the office in Italy might be interested in me too, as they’d highlighted my initial photo Carla had taken when we first met. I might have to fly over a do a one-day shoot over there. That was fine and I was flexible that, the beauty of no longer being tied to an agency. Now I can really pick and choose when want to see clients.

I was meeting Josh in a cocktail bar in Soho, and I needed to hurry or else I’d be late. It was quicker to walk the two tube stops rather than be a sardine in the tin. He was not in work this evening, so we would be able to relax and as I hadn’t seen him in four days, I did feel excited. Of course, he had sent a text this morning and I had replied, but I was planning to tell him about my modelling. I had to give him some reason for being out and about, and this would cover my other role as a professional lady of the evening.

Carla had given me two photos to keep. I had picked the most tasteful and they were in a cardboard folder. He would wonder what was inside anyway, so I was going to show them to him.

Josh was already perusing the cocktail menu when I had arrived. We kissed each other on both cheeks and he slid his arm around my waist and pulled me to him for a few moments and whispered, “I was so looking forward to seeing you. Your hair looks great; quite different from the straighter look you wear.”

Then he let me go and I sat on the stool. “If you hurry up and order in the next five minutes, we’ll just hit happy hour, so let’s go for two different drinks each. That’s all he’ll let me order.” The bartender looked over and nodded, “Only two each, or else I’ll get fired.” Luckily it wasn’t too busy yet. We ordered two Singapore Slings and two Long Island Iced Teas. The burger selection looked good, so we ordered two with fries, just so that I would not keel over after consuming the cocktails.

We chatted and relaxed. Josh took my hand in his and played with my fingers. I wanted to kiss him, but not here. Tonight I’d let him kiss me if he wanted to, but no further than that. I maybe a scarlet woman at work but, not when I’m off duty. He noticed the portfolio and I told him that I had another job. It was only part-time, but it helped to pay the rent.

I saw his look and I felt my heart dip. I had a feeling he might know what I was going to say.


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