First love never forgotten

There was a guy from high school that I had a crush on for longer than I can remember. Having moved from Latvia to London before I could get to sample what he had to offer, he always stuck in the back of my mind. They say that a girl never forgets her first love and in my case, I never forgot my first love. His green eyes always sparkled, his plump lips always teased me and his body was just the most toned thing I’d ever seen. One day, I saw a notification pop up on one of my social network platforms and lo and behold, it was him. I contemplated for a while, whether or not to accept his request. Wanting to get a glimpse of his life, I caved in. What I saw was even more unbelievable. Back then, he was the hottest guy in high school and now, he’d changed. But that change was for the better. I could only imagine how crazy the girls in my town went for him. So, on a visit back home, I decided to find out.

I invited him to my hotel on my first night back. My palms heated up and my heart pounded fervently as I awaited his arrival. When he knocked on the door, I felt my heart rate increase even more. It shouldn’t have been that way. As one of the top escorts at BOL, there was nothing I didn’t know about how to bring a man to complete pleasure. Mustering up all the confidence I needed to conquer him, I swung the door open and won him over with my seduction. He was absolutely astonished to see how confident I was, and once I started to work my magic, I whisked his voice right away. There was no talking to be done. I needed to show rather than tell and so I treated his body like it longed to be treated. At the end of the night, I had him begging me to move back home. He wanted more. He wanted all of me. And there was no doubting that he had never been tended to the way I tended to him that night.

But of course, my love for the life of being a lady of the evening London and the wonderful men of the city would never allow me to make the transition back home. And so, I’m here, providing to the men in the ways they love the most.

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