The Paddle

There are lots of ways escorts use to spank someone, but a rolled-up newspaper does nothing but leave imprints of the day’s news on your bottom, which transfers to your knickers. It is neither sexy, nor flattering, just ask any agency girl and they will tell you the same thing!

Instead, I offered to show Joanne a range of toys we could use as alternatives to her rolled up freebie. Her girlfriend, Jasmine, a rich American lawyer, was sitting naked opposite, with her legs slightly parted, willing me to look at her lustfully. She devoured me with her eyes and I found myself wondering if they would be a couple for much longer. However, that’s their issue, not mine.

Joanne looked at the three paddles and picked the middle one. “It’s a bit like the Goldilocks story,” she smiled attractively, “one is too small, one is too big, but this one is just right.” As she was going to spank me, I couldn’t help but reply. “I hope that isn’t directed towards the size of my bottom,” and laughed, but Jasmine was the first to reply. “There is nothing wrong with your bottom. I could stroke and spank you all day,” she added, with a glint in her eye and a lick of her lips.

I pretended to ignore the comment as my heart thundered in my chest. Her sexuality, sense of promise, and sheer presence was alluring to say the least. I took my time to position myself and to let Joanne take control.

Afterwards, Jasmine arose to see Joanne’s handiwork. She stroked my cheeks carefully. I didn’t feel too sore, and the stinging sensation was slowly passing now. I had a feeling this wasn’t over yet. They still had twenty minutes left so I wondered what was next.

It was clear to see Jasmine was the controlling partner in this relationship, as she trailed her fingernails over my buttocks and down the top of my thighs. I did not react as she whispered in my ear. “One day my little escort, I’ll visit you by myself.”

I nodded slowly. Jasmine picked up the paddle but instead of spanking me she started to tease me with the other round end. I knew then, exactly, what she planned to do in the final twenty minutes.


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