A Sexy Escort Like You

Claus took in the sight of me for a few moments, clearly a man who had a true lust for Russian escorts. “That’s nice. You sip your champagne baby and move gently so you rub yourself on the glass. Then we’ll head off. I think I need some action, unless, that is, you want to be naughty here.”

I gently rubbed myself against the glass, fully aware of how this was arousing me. If anyone had turned the corner, they could see, although Claus had a better viewing position, much lower in his club chair.

I sipped my champagne and heard a rustle. “Don’t turn round baby, I am enjoying this too much.”

I continued to rub, feeling my lips press down harder. The cool of the glass was nice against my inner heat. After a few moments, I heard a deep male chuckle. I turned around to see Claus with his bits in his hand, massaging slowly. The handsome male waiter from south west London was sitting in my chair, watching my movements. His manhood jutted upwards against the confines of the leather. They looked at each other and smiled as I flushed. Getting up, I joined them.

“I feel a little embarrassed. I’m not in trouble am I?”

The leather-clad man turned to me. “I’m Dominic. I don’t think you are being naughty enough, but that’s where I can help out. He lifted my skirt with his foot and looked at my bare love box then sighed heavily. “Sit back down. Claus has already briefed me on what to do with a sexy escort like you.”

Not being sure of what was going to happen. I looked at Dominic. “Before I sit down, I think I need a final top-up.”

Dominic stood up and edged closer slowly. As he stood in front of me his eyes were daring me, but I wasn’t sure what he wanted from me.

I found him slightly androgynous in spite of his beauty. I could not call him handsome, because that was too manly; he was beautiful and well-sculpted, and his love tool was inches away from me.

“Don’t look so worried. You only have to serve your client. I’m here to serve you.” With that, he showed me my seat as Claus looked on bemused. I did as I was told and had a feeling Dominic was used to getting his own way.


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