Could you wear beige-coloured stockings

Ryan wasn’t yet finished with his London escort agency date. He fixed me with a lustful look, but blushed at he took in my erect nipples under my plain white blouse, with my tight, white lacy bra, and tight grey pencil skirt. That was what he wanted me to wear. I was knicker-less and ready for some action myself, but it was how I addressed this with him, as he’d reverted into his shy self.

I asked him the question on the tip of my tongue. “Did you do anything to her?” Ryan nodded shyly, so I lifted my skirt to reveal my bare bottom and bent over the chair. “Was it like this?” Ryan didn’t answer as he positioned himself underneath me, and leant upwards so I could feel his warm breath on me. I closed my eyes in anticipation, as he breathed on my clit and then flicked the tip carefully with his tongue. After a few minutes, he stopped, and told me the rest of his story. “Miss Anderton liked me to tongue her to orgasm, but she never let me screw her.”

I was breathless as he continued to lick me, but managed a reply. “Pretend I’m her. Go back to those days forget that you booked me through the escorts agency and screw me like you wanted to screw her.” I used the words he used, and I heard him get up. “I think I was more than a little in love with her,” he laughed, as he put on his protection and eased himself inside.

“Tell me off again, please.” Ryan demanded, as he filled me completely. I felt the heat from his cock warming me inside. “Ryan, you’ve been a very bad boy, and my pussy is so wet for you. I know it is your first time, but you feel so hot inside me. It will be detention for you later and another spanking. That also means you’ll have to lick me to orgasm again.”

Ryan didn’t waste any time as he pushed inside again and again, until I manage to let him know I was close to coming. “You are going to make Miss Anderton come, you naughty boy. Would you like to feel her coming around your hot, thick manhood?”

“Oh, yes,” he cried, and started to fuck me harder, until I couldn’t hold back and fell forwards as my body shook with my orgasm.

“I’ll call you’re escort agency for an appointment next week,” Ryan smiled, as he came out of the bathroom, looking relaxed after his exertions. “Could you wear beige-coloured stockings and a red blouse for me next week, please?”

“Anything you like Ryan,” I smiled as I passed him his trousers.


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