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Decent and obliging

On the day that I met Howey, I could only describe my mood as terrible. I’d taken the train back to London and with my absentmindedness, forgotten my purse somewhere along the way. With my ID, keys and everything else in the wind, I struggled to control my emotions. I walked around the train station like a mad woman, and then just as I was about to go through a full-on break down, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

‘What?’ I snapped, turning around.

Immediately, I regretted my harsh tone. The man was beautiful. Even with the shocked look on his face, he was absolutely perfect.

‘I just wanted to ask if you were okay,’ he responded. ‘You seem a little bit…’

‘Mad,’ I intruded, ‘it’s just that I’ve lost my keys and my phone and everything that was in my purse. My landlord won’t be back until tomorrow so I’m kinda in a pickle, if you know what I mean.’

‘You could always stay with me,’ he said.

I laughed. And then laughed. And then laughed some more. But when I looked at his face, I realized he wasn’t joking.

‘You’re serious?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, why not. You’re a stunning girl and I’m a lonely guy.’

Despite my better judgment, I followed Howey back to his apartment. I allowed him to take me up the stairs, through the door and all the way to his bedroom. Okay, so maybe the bedroom was my idea. You see, I had to find a way to thank him the way any decent escort would for his good deed and plus, the entire way to his apartment in a very exclusive part of west London, I couldn’t stop daydreaming about what he’d be like in bed.

There was a little bit of protesting at first as he wasn’t sure that I really wanted to engage in such activities. But as soon as I pulled my shirt off and he got a glimpse of my tits, his mind changed.

‘Like what you see,’ I teased.

He nodded.

‘Now it’s your turn,’ I said. ‘I wanna see what you’re working with.’

Slowly he removed his pants and then his boxers. Not surprisingly, he was already as hard as a rock and waiting for me to take him and bring him a release that he’d never forget.

The moments we were together, I didn’t care to worry about my purse and how much it would cost to replace all my belongings. All that mattered was the pleasure we brought to each other.


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