Very Naughty and Secretive

Ever since I found out about blogging I’ve been addicted, I love the anonymity of it and its mysterious values. I consider myself to be the most exciting escort London has to offer due to my love of mystery and the unexplained. That’s what I like to blog about, but I like to keep it very anonymous as it makes it more exciting! In my spare time I like to read about unexplained phenomena. I currently work as a personal trainer when I’m not working as an escort and this keeps me in great shape, however there isn’t anything mysterious about that! One of the main reasons I became an escort was because of the mystery of it, even some of my closest friends don’t know what I do and this makes me feel very naughty and secretive.

I would love to start an anonymous blog about a different subject but I can’t think of anything that someone would really want to read about, that’s why I stick to the mysteries of the world. I have lots of people following my blog and I love interacting with them and getting their ideas on the unexplained mysteries of the world. I think my favourite unexplained phenomenon is the sailing stones, or moving rocks in Death Valley, California. These rocks seem to move of their own accord in all directions, leaving grooves in the sand. There has been no explanation for why this happens and I just love it! It is things like this that make me think there’s definitely something more to the world than meets the eye and I would love to find out more. A lot of my clients tell me there’s more to me than meets the eye and I tend to agree. I’m an unexplained phenomenon myself!

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