Sponge cake and some!

Most escorts manage to abstain from the cake store at the back of the London office. But as far as could remember, I’d had a sweet tooth. My penchant for cream teas, cheesecake and carrot cake came with a price. I had to jog several times a week and I frequented to a luxury spa with swimming pool too. That way I managed to keep my figure svelte.

The request I had just fulfilled was rather strange but also quite different. An emeritus, or retired professor, had been passed my contact details from a teacher I sometimes serviced.

Apparently, he was beyond a full sexual encounter, but wanted relief, as well as a cake to be baked by his escort, whilst I wore nothing but a small, frilly apron. I’d laughed and thought it was a set-up, so I rang the teacher who did explain he’d left me a message too. He wasn’t that healthy, but he still had an eye for a London pretty girl. Well, I was sure I could manage the cake, as well as providing the relief he needed!

I checked him out on the internet. He was indeed a scholar and the address stacked up.


So, I’ve just come back! I had to strip in front of him, whilst he undressed and lay on the sofa bed which overlooked his kitchen. I saucily bent down, and let him glimpse my bare bottom as I found the ingredients in the cupboards. I made a large, round cake, and enough cream frosting to put inside. I turned around, ensuring he could see my full D cup breasts escaping from the tiny apron.

I squatted to check the cake was browning, but not burning. All of this time he just watched me and his erection was a sight to behold. As an exceptionally well-endowed man, I wondered what it would be like to feel him inside.

I asked him to taste the cream frosting and deposited two tiny peaks on top of my nipples. He greedily sucked them as my hand stole down to slowly caress him. I took my condom out of the bag and he put it in place as I manoeuvred above him. Suddenly I remembered the cake still in the oven.“The cake!” I exclaimed.

As I hurried over to take it out, I added, “By the time we’ve finished, the cake will have cooled down enough for the frosting.”

I chuckled afterwards. There was absolutely nothing wrong with his libido, or his appetite for cake!


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