A London wide boy who loves busty girls

Nolan is a typical south London wide boy who is totally addicted to busty escorts and now that he’s met me I’m his #1 girl at the agency. He calls my double D’s his two favourite toys. I can’t say that I blame him they, really are quite a bit of fun to play with. He always tells me how amazed he is that something so perfect can be so natural, this makes him love them even more.

Nolan is the kind of guy who loves to flourish a girl with gifts. Outside of the abundance of jewelry that he decorates my body with, he never forgets to get something for the girls. This escort is one whose lingerie collection flows through multiple drawers in her dresser. Every time we meet, he has a new piece that he would like me to try on and model for him. He loves the way that my natural breasts bounce up and down with each strut that I take. It’s something he could watch for days, if only he could bare to keep his hand off me.  His attraction to me means that after only a few minutes he’s ready to indulge. Tending to my big busty breasts first and ensuring that his tongue traces each inch of them, he never seems to be able to get enough.

When we’ve taken things to the sheets or whatever surface in his London home we first come across, he loves to get a view from below so that he can watch the way they bounce as I move up and down conquering his body. In order to keep his strength and to prevent himself from getting excited a little too quickly, he closes his eyes, and tries to forget the thing that’s pushing him to the limit. But once he opens them again, there the girls are, bouncing up and down just the way that he likes them, and just the way that makes him not able to restrain himself.

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