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Sexy escorts like Sandra with the plump 34B’s

I am indeed the naughtiest of the London escorts who specialize in secretary role play that Daniel has ever met and will ever meet. He loves his work a little bit too much. Every time books me at the agency I show up to see him and he has his nose buried in a book or he’s tapping away at his smart phone. Once I make my entrance, he tries to push everything away and make it seem as though he wasn’t thinking too hard about work before I arrived.

However, I always know just what he’s up to. I like to tell him that if he loves his desk so much he should do some real work on it. And being the naughty but helpful escort secretary I am, I wipe his desk clean for him. All books, all papers, everything gets thrown to the floor so that the real work can begin. The first time I did this, he was very surprised, pleasantly surprised, and each time after that, I know he’s just waiting for it to happen because he knows that’s the signal to go. He draws the curtains, blocking out the rest of London from looking in and takes possession of his favorite escort.  He picks me up with his bulky muscles, lightly placing me on the desk. The skirt gets unzipped. The pants unbuckled. And of course each additional piece of clothing gets tossed into the pile right along with all the paperwork. The work Daniel is about to do has no need for clothing. The only thing it needs is he, I and a wonderful working surface, his office desk. When I’m there, you can guarantee that Daniel will be working all night long, which is typical for him, except this time it’s the fun kind of work. Push all the books away and little secretary Sandra with the plump 34B’s will come out to play.

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