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Role Play with My Clients

I’m a very busty escort from Eastern Europe with Latin roots this, means that I am very passionate and love to have a good time. Men love my long black hair, tanned skin and sensual curves.

I love to role play with my clients. One date that I really enjoyed was playing cops and robbers with a local gent in his home near Marble Arch.

I wore a black police uniform complete with hat, handcuffs and walkie-talkie. When I reached his door I knocked loudly and said open up, this is the police. He opened the door with a look of pure excitement on his face. I told him I’d had complaints of very bad behaviour at his address. He told me that he hadn’t been able to help it and would I have to arrest him for being a naughty boy. I followed him inside his apartment and said yes I would. I pulled his hands behind his back and handcuffed them together. I told him that he had the right to remain silent and that anything he said would be used against him.

OMG that date really was a steamy night to remember for both me and the lucky gentleman!

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