Escorts don’t come much naughtier than Dior

London men are the best, they sure know how to treat a woman right. When it comes to tending to my needs as a very sexual young woman and an escort who really enjoys her job, no one does it better. And to reward them, I ensure that they get to take advantage of my 34D bust, doing all the things to it and to all five feet, six inches of me that they desire.

Upon first glance my guys who book me through the escorts agency think that I’m this nice, quiet girl, who is covered in innocence. However, once they get to know me a little better, and we’re behind closed doors, I’m not afraid to release the naughty girl inside and show them just how wrong they were about me, and how right they were for choosing me as the escort to satisfy their every need.

For added seduction I like to put on an accent and drive them wild, whispering sweet, sensual things into their ears, sending shivers down their spines and a rush to all the right places. I’ve got an underwear collection that is to die for, and one that my clients are happy to keep updating. I like modeling for my client, showing them just how well I fill out the pieces that they choose for me, and because I can’t bear to leave them wanting too long, I never stay too clothed for two long. I’m known as the world rocker, because when I’m tending to my clients, there’s so much more than the bed that gets to rocking. I complete them, and give them all the things they want, as well as all the things they never knew they wanted until they had it. So no matter what dirty little fantasy they have when they come to London, I’m one of the few escorts who is always happy to oblige as well as live out some of my own through them. And boy, I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been.

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