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Julie was a career woman who had no time for girlfriends or boyfriends. She had me come round to her office once a month for a good time, as that was what she liked. So there she was all dressed up in suit, stockings and tights, no knickers, and with her legs wide open waiting for her escort to satisfy her needs.

Apparently she was going through a bad time and a dry spell in her love life. She talked all the way through her session, until she stopped, went very quiet and moaned.

That was it. She was back to business, but asked me whether or not I would consider going away for a naughty weekend to Paris with her. She wanted a friend to go, but she’d had to pull out so she could organise a flight for me and we’d stay in the same room. We would go shopping and we’d have the opportunity to do fine dining. Then there would be the requirement for some intense specialist escort services. It sounded like a job description!

I pondered about it, as it was a weekend that I’d planned to go and see my parents, but the thought of getting away from London and hanging out in Paris was tempting. I asked her if I could get back to her as I was already booked, and she pouted. I guess she was used to getting her own way.

By the time I’d left, she’d had another oral session and I was ready to meet another client for theatre and dinner afterwards. When I arrived I noticed Julie was also there and she caught my eye.

I smiled, but I realised she was most taken by the man I was with. David was a regular client who had gone through a messy divorce. At the break, we caught up with Julie who was by herself. I decided to match-make. Of course, they both had no idea that they were mutual clients. I only introduced them as friends, and Julie looked at me as if to ask if he was a client. I shook my head and looked down. With David, it was only theatre and dinner meeting, and he had not wanted to take it any further.

I excused myself as I visited the powder room and when I arrived back they were both chatting happily. It was no surprise, a fortnight later, when Julie called me to let me know she wouldn’t require my services for the Paris trip. Then she giggled and let me know David was accompanying her instead!


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