Escorts call it sky high perfection

When the summer rolls around, I’m happier than ever. Which escort doesn’t like leaving London behind, going to the beach, being able to lounge out in the sun and soak up a tan, then cool off in the perfectly sun heated waters? I for one, can’t resist it. But for me, the ideal beach is one that requires me to take a plane out of London and land in a destination that I’m yet to explore. Being an escort, and having the amazing clients that I have, it’s always possible. They’re more than keen to get me out of the cold weather and into a place where I can strip down to a skimpy bikini or wander around in the nude, while they admire my voluptuous body and succulent breasts, filling their heads with dirty things that they want to do to me once we’ve left the beach.

There is one particular vacation that will never leave my mind. I traveled with a London businessman all the way to the beautiful Caribbean on his luxurious private jet. Minutes after the plane took off, we had our hands all over each other, caressing and sampling parts of each other. The feeling was one that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. There’s nothing comparable to reaching your peak when you’re so high in the sky. Each touch seemed to feel more sensitive and with each subtle and sudden bump that the plane made, our bodies followed. When we’d left the islands, the first thing that I did when I boarded the plane was to repeat the actions that we’d performed on our way to the Caribbean. Except this time, I was adequately prepared no panties at all, made things a lot easier to get going. Sky high perfection is what the escorts at my agency like to call it.

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