Escorts always leave last

There are times like today when a London escort will wish the client had booked more time and had been honest about what they might want. I had met Jarrod before, but only to go to an event with him. He hadn’t expected me to be as ‘friendly, attractive and classy’ as I had been.

I didn’t flirt with him, as he had indicated he was in a serious relationship, but I was attentive and by his side when I needed to be. As his ‘colleague’ I was professional, and my experience in design helped him, as he was showcasing various items of bespoke furniture at his London gallery.

This time, I was aware of a more personal interest in me. This booking was again for two hours, and this time he wanted me to circulate and try and persuade the young male clientele to part with their money, by buying from his Christmas range. He knows I model and this was how he’d got my details. My outfit was not the typical escorts would wear but it was almost sheer, rather daring, but not unflattering.

The attraction started when his fingers briefly touched mine and we both pulled away. He glanced at me as he poured me a glass of wine and smiled. I could feel my nipples harden as he looked at my breasts. Then, he took a large glug of wine; I think he was steadying his nerves.

Guest started to leave and I could feel his predatory dark gaze burning through the chiffon of my outfit. I felt naked, rather than clothed, and this was an unusual feeling. My crotch was feeling warm, but sadly he’d run out of time.

I needed to leave, but I stayed until the last guest left and as picked up my coat. Jarrod raised his eyebrows.

“Unfortunately, I need to be elsewhere in twenty minutes; I’ve already stayed for an extra ten minutes.”

At that Jarrod came up behind me. “The next time, I will meet you at my place then.” He slowly turned me around and kissed me on the lips softly. My lips tingled unexpectedly and I realised I liked how he’d kissed me. My hardened nipples pressed lightly against his chest, and that fact did not go unnoticed. I smiled ruefully and left him to his own devices – until the next time.


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