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How to make a busty escort happy

If there’s one place I’ve always wanted to go, it’s New York. I’ve heard the shopping is amazing and it’s a fantastic place with so much going on. I was having a great conversation with a client a few weeks ago and I mentioned my dream of New York, the client is a regular one of mine who has a genuine fetish for busty escorts and we meet very often so it was no surprise when he requested me for an entire weekend not long after our dinner date. It didn’t take me long to realise he was up to something but because he didn’t ask me to pack a suitcase, I didn’t realise what we were doing until we arrived at the airport – he was taking me to New York!

As soon as I found out I was so happy and excited, I felt extremely appreciated as he told me he had wanted to do something special for me ever since I told him my dream about travelling to New York. When we arrived I thought we would get a taxi to a hotel but there was a horse and carriage waiting for us! He had planned the entire trip to the last detail. A gentleman took our luggage to our hotel for us as we went for a very romantic horse and carriage ride through Central Park. It was perfect and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my weekend. Later that evening we went shopping and I realised why I didn’t need to pack anything; my gentleman friend bought me some of the most glamorous clothing I had ever seen. This trip was certainly one of the highlights of my time as one of the top busty escorts in London and I’m often reminded of it every time I wear something that was bought for me in New York.

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