Saving up to step up

My clients in London are generous; they adore well groomed escorts like me. I could have banked away a small fortune in the past three years of “activity.” Instead, four months ago, I bought a desirable one-bedroom apartment in NW8, using my savings and a small buy-to-let mortgage.

It is rented out and I figure I can upgrade in three years, move to rural Buckinghamshire and buy a pretty- two-bedroomed cottage. Then I will make and sell soft furnishings. I’ll have no mortgage and will still have investments in a range of assets. I’ll be happily set up for life. Of course there are some downsides with my work, but the positives outweigh the negatives.

The young, married, male estate agent fancied me. When I turned up to peruse the available flats, he asked if I was a model or an actress. I shook my head coolly, smiled and explained I supplied the rich and famous with a bespoke design and manufacture service of soft furnishings.

I could almost hear the cogs working as he mentally calculated that I must either a: charge a fortune, or, b: have some pretty exclusive clients. When he stated I must work very hard to make that kind of money, I sat down in my Vivienne Westwood wool coat and Gucci suede boots, and glared at him. He blushed and had the good grace to offer me a chair, and if I wanted a freshly-brewed coffee.

“That’s more like it! If I treated my customers the way you just treated me, I’d be broke,” I replied, not letting him off the hook. Within ten minutes, he was completely under my spell. After another ten minutes of looking through all available flats, only one suited my tastes. I took the details with me so I could read them without a pair of eyes studying my cleavage.

A few days later, I rang up a London property developer friend who had a weakness for obliging escorts, he managed to sort out my mortgage and I bought the same flat at a knock-down price, minus the hefty agent fee, a week before it went to auction.

About a month later, I was opening the door to the flat when I saw the same estate agent coming out of another flat. He spotted me straight away and was fairly shocked that I had bought the flat. As I turned on my heel, I said, “Do not assume because I am young, I do not use the influence of my rich and famous clients to get what I want.” He dared not even reply.


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