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I felt my love box clench involuntarily as a cold finger was inserted slowly. It was a vast contrast to the heat of my sex. It did not go unnoticed. “You are so warm; so hot in here. Have you been waiting for my finger to tease you on the inside?”

I told Elena I was waiting patiently as I was a good London escort girl. That seemed to do the trick. “I like how you say that. It sounds as though you have been very naughty.” She brushed my cheeks with a hand, before starting to lick me properly. Her tiny finger was inside, but I could hardly feel it. I think Elena could sense that. She started to rub harder and that did the trick. My legs trembled at the build-up. Elena was moaning as she licked. And I could see her touching herself with her free hand, rubbing softly, getting excited, but not reaching orgasm just yet.

That seemed to trigger me and I let the sweet feeling of release rush through me. It was pleasurable to the point where my knees buckled which is very rear for an experienced girl from the London escort fraternity.

Elena giggled as she took a sip of water. “You are gorgeous, but I can’t wait for my turn. I like it just the same way I did you please.”

She lay on her back as I got into position. Her skin was pale, almost sun-starved as if that was the look required for her modelling career, even though there was a slightly olive tone to her skin. I caressed, stroked and spread her sex between the masses of hair. She was womanly in that way; unabashed, untrimmed and feminine. It was sexier than I had remembered. Most of my female clients are trimmed or shaved.

My tongue licked her and my two fingers rubbed her so the friction built up. She moaned and moved – feeling free to bite her own arm as her orgasm beckoned. I looked at her pretty features, briefly as her tongue licked her lips and I recalled how her plump bottom lip moved against my centre of pleasure I started to feel horny again, so I did what she had done. I place my hand between my legs.

As I played with myself I could feel my orgasm starting, jut at the same time as Elena started to buck her hips upwards into my face. I held on and let her move as she wished as my tongue and fingers worked in tandem. We came simultaneously, but whilst I was quiet, she cried out. There was a sense of satisfaction for me in that.

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