The Sex Was Slow and Sexy

I wrapped up warm as the last week in May proved to be colder than usual at this time of year you would think us Russian escorts in London could handle the mild winters. I seemed to be waiting for summer, so I could sit on the roof terrace and enjoy being outside, rather than cooped up. I still sat outside, with a glass of sparkling water listening to birds, rather than heavy traffic. I love it here. My client, Paul, was coming here for his hourly visit. I was lucky in that Josh was working, so I was saving on hotel costs, but I didn’t let many clients visit me here. Paul was the third. I needed to go in. On the way downstairs I put on a couple of scented candles and sprayed my room spray in the spare room. It was ready for action.

I could feel his presence before he rang the bell. A masculinity that seemed to permeate the air as I opened the door, at the precise moment he pressed the buzzer. “Come on in. Yes, it’s a change of venue. We’re up here.”

His long legs made easy work of the stairs. I liked his lean body, free of tattoos and blemishes. Not that I mind tattoos, but his body was divine. He worked on oil rigs for years, but after winning several millions on the Euro millions lottery, decided he would semi-retire and got divorced. Now he writes in several work-related magazines each week, plays golf and has a good time devouring different Russian escort girls on his weekly jaunts to London. I could see similarities between us and I appreciated the fact he was down-to-earth.

I peeled off his shirt, to reveal tiny dark nipples. His natural hair colour was brown, but it was now peppered with grey. At forty, he was younger-looking than his age. I wondered why he never settled down after his divorce, but there were no clues.

I headed into the bedroom, where the scent of the candles seemed to relax me. I love the clean smell of vanilla and mixed with the magnolia it was a heady scent. Paul took off his boxers and started to kiss me. His soft lip cautiously probed my neck and my ears making me shudder. His gentle touch on my breasts brought my nipples to life and I realised he was hungry.

The sex was slow and sexy, with the blinds closed, voile curtains pulled to, we could have been anywhere. It reminded me of a time I had sex in a holiday apartment. I think it was the magnolia smell which made me recall the event. The window was open that time and I heard giggling as the next room’s residents could hear our moans as they echoed out of the room, and onto the balcony. Coming back to reality, it was Paul who was moaning.


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