London dinner dates and escorts on a promise

I was feeling extremely out-of-sorts. Last night a gorgeous guy had wined and dined me in a top London restaurant and had paid for my cab home, but did not want me. So not only did I feel slightly miffed, I knew he’d been close to my boss, Sasha. Why did he not want to bed me? When he added he would be in touch soon, I doubted it.

So I showered and started a spring-clean. I have a lady who comes to visit me once every three months. I pay for her to spend half-a-day photographing whatever items of clothing and shoes I want to sell, then she lists them for me on an auction site and she is happy as I pay her and always give her a little gift, like a candle or scented drawer sachet; something like that.

As the auctions come towards the end, I keep a beady eye on the bids and feel so surprised when items sell for a decent price. I package them up and the courier picks them up. Twenty per cent of the sales go to an animal rescue centre, as I figure that they need so much help these days. The rest goes back into the pot for hairdressing and make-up expenditure, tools of the trade for escorts.

I often get queries asking if my goods are real or fake, so I always include the original till receipt, dust-bags, where I can, the original boxes.

So today, I had a list of twelve clothing items I was planning to sell. These included two gorgeous evening dresses, each had been worn twelve times in the space of six months; they were so last season. I also had three pairs of sandals and two pairs of boots. I did my research and worked out a price-list for when Martha turned up on Monday.

By the time I had finished, I was feeling better about the previous evening. I was going to get my nails manicured when the business mobile rang and I answered. It was Sasha and my heart dropped.

She wanted to see how things were and to see if I wanted to visit her up in Hampstead. I could hardly refuse, could I? I made a mental note not to mention the name Martin to her, unless he contacted me in the meantime, as he’d promised!


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