A day at the races with busty Gina

I have always loved a day out at the races, especially when it is Ladies’ Day and I get to dress up in amazing dresses and big hats with my girlfriends. Keith was into his racing, and I had often seen him on the day of a big win and we would go out celebrating together. Working as the most adventurous busty escort London has to offer is great as the people I meet are often fantastic and have great personalities, just like me! Keith had requested an outcall appointment with me, but one that would last several days and I wondered what it would entail.

It finally came to the day I would be meeting Keith for our long date and I heard a car honking its horn outside. I walked outside to see a gorgeous white limousine and a chauffeur holding the door open for me. The chauffer took my bags and I got into the back of the limousine where Keith was sitting, and he told me we were going to the Cheltenham Racecourse for our first day out. The rest was a surprise!

We arrived at the races and Keith told me I could place any bet I wanted so I placed a bet on a horse that no one thought would ever win. We watched the race and I cheered my horse on and suddenly I realised he was winning! The look on Keith’s face was priceless as my horse overtook the favourite and won the entire race. I tried to give Keith the money but he was having none of it and let me keep the winnings. The rest of our time together was amazing as we were still exhilarated from our big win at the races.

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