Freaky escorts know how to have a good time

After battling the insane traffic in central London I was appalled when I walked into his office, his boss had him working overtime. It was meant to be our lunch break. One glance at me, his escort and his eyes told me that food wasn’t what he needed for lunch.  I could tell he was amused by my presence, sexual scenes flashed through my thoughts as he continued to stare at me. I thought he was joking when he said “you captivate my mind, my soul and my body”. I chuckled; it seems as if he had never seen a woman in a pencil skirt and stilettos. I found it rather ravishing that I could make a man so weak with just my beauty.

I leaned over. I whispered in his ear as I kissed his neck, “Do you want me for lunch?” he answered “and dinner too”. He quickly closed his blinds, locking out the beautiful city of London and caressed my entire body; my body trembled as he ripped my panties off.  With no hesitation I bent over on his desk and I allowed him to take full control of my body. The deeper he got the more I wanted him to continue. The pressure built up as I felt it running from my spine, then suddenly it squirted, it was all over his desk. This did not stop this breath-taking guy it only made him crave me more and more.  During and after lunch we did it in mysterious places and I wanted him so much more that I knew I had to make more plans for us.

He came over that night and he was anxious, there were two escorts waiting for him in absolutely no attire. We had a room filled with exciting toys that would definitely spark the night.  Eric sat on the couch while he got entertained by two sexy girls one brunette and the other blonde, nothing beats watching two girls from two different cultural backgrounds playing with their lubricated toys.  It was a live sex show in London; I told him that he could be the star.  Eric joined us, as we all played dirty cops. We chained him to the bed then we amused him. He licked his lips as he watched her whip my ass; I was feeling naughty and adventurous. I told him not to scream as I moved the blind folds. I allowed him to use his tongue to taste all the juice rushing out.

About the author:
London girl Roxana currently escorts part time and blogs about her sexy encounters

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