Escorts Should not be Impatient

“This is your idea of a good time?” Crystal drawled at Regina Harrington as they approached an office building, “London escorts can be impatient sometimes” Regina glanced over her shoulder at her with a smirk, reaching back to take Crystal’s smaller hand in her own.

“I’m curious to see how well you’ll hold out,” Regina said, then opened the door to lead Crystal inside. Crystal took a quick look around, and was suddenly glad she had decided to dress less provocative than usual. More so when Regina handed her a name tag with the word ‘Guest’ written on it. With a soft groan, Crystal took the nametag and attached it to her jacket.

“I knew it,” she muttered. “You brought me to a damn business meeting in Central London. What’s an escort going to do at a business meeting?”

Regina didn’t respond, just tugged Crystal towards the elevator and hit the button to summon it. When the doors opened, Crystal stepped inside with Regina, and watched the woman press the button for the tenth floor. A sculpted eyebrow rose on Crystal’s face, but she stayed quiet for the whole ride.

When Regina led her into an empty room, however, Crystal was confused. A champagne bottle sat at the head of a long meeting table, a glass on either side of it, and a large bowl of what Crystal had a sneaking suspicion was strawberries sat just behind the bottle. She smirked, her eyes turning to the woman.


“Are you complaining?” Regina asked, her own smirk in place as she moved across the room to pick up the bottle and pop the cork. After filling the two glasses, she picked up a strawberry and bit into it, letting the juice run down her fingers. Crystal only stared.

“For a London escort, you sure do get wrapped up in your clients,” Regina observed. Crystal lifted one shoulder in a half shrug, approaching Regina as she rounded the table.

“I don’t believe in faking interest,” she replied. “I don’t take money from people if I don’t have interest in them. It isn’t any fun for either of us if I don’t like who I’m taking on as a client.”

Regina nodded as Crystal spoke. “Fair enough,” she acquiesced. She held out one of the glasses, which Crystal took with a careful motion. She held out the half-eaten strawberry next, an amused glint entering her eyes. Crystal didn’t hesitate; she leaned forward, taking the fruit from Regina’s fingers with her lips, feeling the juice slip down her chin.

“You certainly know how to catch my interest,” Regina murmured. Stepping forward, she pulled Crystal into a deep kiss, her tongue flicking along her lips, then her chin, to clean up the juice that had dripped. The champagne was almost instantly forgotten – Regina set her glass down, then took Crystal’s to place next to it. Crystal huffed a bit as Regina’s strong arms picked her up and settled her on the table.

“No patience today?” Crystal teased, parting her legs to let Regina step between them. Only a hum of agreement followed the question, as Regina’s lips were back on hers. Hands slid up Crystal’s legs, and the escort pushed her hips forward impatiently.

“You have no idea what I have planned for you today,” Regina said against her lips, and Crystal pushed her hips forward again. “Lay back. Open your blouse.”

Crystal only just managed to follow that instruction before the loud knock caused her to jerk into a sitting position and pull her jacket closed over the open blouse. Regina, looking thoroughly annoyed, crossed the room and yanked open the door. Crystal slid off of the table and looked around as Regina left the room, then let her eyes drop.

This was exactly why she rarely did this in public as of late.


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