In desperate need

My boyfriend was out of London for the weekend which meant that it was time to have some fun with my girls. Being in an open relationship, exploring the beauties and the many pleasures that the world has to offer, is never a problem. I’m blonde, sexy and an escort, which means that my appetite for satisfaction is always very high. And with my partner in pleasure being away, I was in desperate need for a replacement. However, I wanted something a bit different and so, rather than getting in touch with one of the guys who I knew wouldn’t hesitate to be mine for the night, my girlfriends were the option I took.

Instead of going out to the club- like we usually do on the weekends- we decided on settling for drinks and a movie. Everything took place at my friend, Amelia’s place and I was amazed to see what she had set up. Not only were we greeted with an extensive cocktail bar, but she also had a few other treats ready and waiting. I don’t think there’s any girl in the world who doesn’t like a good toy and when it comes to me, I just can’t resist. Amelia’s selection was absolute perfection and none of the girls invited could wait to take advantage of what she laid out.

In her living room is where we experimented and had the time of our lives. A part of me thought that the neighbors would be banging on the front door in fury because the screams echoed from wall to wall, all night long. We’re a group of girls who don’t like to contain our enjoyment. But, thankfully, the only neighbor who came by was one, who was keen on seeing what we were up to. She pretty much barged into the apartment in excitement. I guess she got along quite well with Amelia because watching the way they took to each other on the sofa told me that it wasn’t their first time together.

There were so many lovely sights to see that night and I was truly grateful to have been a part of it. Once my boyfriend was home, I spilled all the details of what happened and he filled with envy at not being able to be a part of it. Perhaps the next time we decide to get up to something naughty I’ll invite him along.

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