Suggestive Conversation

Busty London escorts, like most city girls in general just love to have a good time, and I definitely fall into this category. There have been many events in my short time as an escort in London which stand out, but it is hard to choose a single one, so instead, this is how I tend to get ready for a typical date. As anyone who knows the capital will already be able to attest, this city really comes to life after dark and so do I! Normally my routine goes something like this; firstly a date is arranged and these days I tend to have a fair few regular customers. Take Dennis for example, a delightful man in his mid-20s. Now here is a man who simply loves to party and more often than not, a date with Dennis will involve large amounts of dancing and will see me shake my well-toned physique until the early hours. But regardless of who it is I am planning on meeting, my routine remains the same.

I usually get ready with a small glass of champagne, if the date is to take place in the evening that is, and the first thing I do is choose my wardrobe. Hours genuinely can pass as I pick my perfect dress, standing in my underwear in front of the mirror being totally indecisive, but eventually, I slowly put on one of my elegant ensembles and make my way to the meet. I cannot deny, whether I’m meeting a gentleman who loves to dance, or one who prefers a candlelit restaurant, I am always happy meeting new people and sharing in flirtatious and suggestive conversation and for me, there is nothing quite as erotic as enjoying a drink with a gentlemen who is looking for a good time and getting to know about their lives. Everyone is different but there is always one factor which you can rely on where a date with me is concerned; you’ll never forget the experience!

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