For new escort Anabella three is not a crowd

What is it with yoga and career girls it seems to be a total addiction for us escorts working in London. I met the most beautiful man in yoga class a few weeks ago and I must say that it was the most pleasant highlight to my week. My yoga instructor “who is also an ex escort I might add” is quite strict and thus she wasn’t very keen on the fact that I couldn’t focus. One of the main components of yoga class is focus and I feel like I nailed that aspect of it. Sure, I may not have been focused on what she wanted me to focus on but who could? The perfection of his body, the way his buttocks begged me to keep watching it took up all my attention. At the end of glass, after being scolded by my instructor, I rapidly made my way out the door, catching this stranger just before he’d pried the front door open and gotten lost into the busy streets of London.

‘Hi,’ I greeted him with a smile. ‘I’m…’ I paused, perking up my chest, ‘I’m Anabella’. His blue eyes feasted themselves on my bust, just like I wanted them to. ‘Anabella, huh?’ he replied, not meeting my eyes. ‘Yes, Anabella’. ‘How about you and I head out of here together?’ he said boldly. I was in heaven. Was he serious? It couldn’t be that easy, could it? But it was. I wasn’t sure if it was my escort spark that convinced him or if my big firm boobs were doing the talking for me, but whatever it was, I couldn’t have been more pleased. We headed down the street to a coffee shop on the corner and got to know each other before really getting to know each other. His name was Ronnie and he’d brought me to the coffee shop because his girlfriend would be meeting him there in a few minutes. At first I was shocked and then I was intrigued. Ronnie’s girlfriend was a London chick who had a thing for girls with Russian accents and the minute that I opened my mouth was the minute that he knew his night would be filled with an insurmountable amount of fun. Needless to say, the gorgeous woman who met us, Ronnie with handsome butt and I, their centerpiece for the day, took advantage of each other in the most passionate and fulfilling way possible. Not only once and not just twice but throughout the day and into the night. We punished and pleased, moaned and groaned, filling their apartment with passion that will remain unmatched.

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