Escort agency girls in London prefer the finer things in life

Hi everybody! My name is Eva and I am so lucky to work at one of the best London escort agency firms, in fact I can’t believe that I get paid to do the things that I love!

Last week I was on an assignment and I met a very nice chap called Mark, he was around 40 and very sweet indeed. Mark runs a successful business and loves the finer things in life, a bit like me really.

We met in a top London restaurant and the place was full of A-lister celebrities. I felt very excited to be in such a lovely place but Mark told me he often eats in similar places.

As the waiter presented Mark with the bill, I noticed a glint in his eye and I just knew that something interesting was about to happen.

I wasn’t wrong and as Mark was telling me in no uncertain terms what he really wanted to do with me and my slim firm physique, I started to feel rather horny and decided to let him have his  way with me.

The next morning I awoke and remembered the fantastic fun we had together in Mark’s penthouse apartment.  He wants to take me for dinner next week and has told me to get my passport ready, I really can’t wait!

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