A full view of my sexy escort body

It was a dark and stormy night in London when Baron called the agency and requested my company. He wasn’t a big fan of thunderstorms. In fact, they caused a tad bit of fear to make its way into him and therefore, he needed the company of someone who could keep his mind off the horrendous things that were going on outside. That person happened to be me, his favorite escort Candy. As sweet as I am, there’s nothing that Candy can’t cure, and I was excited to make my way over to Baron to offer my support.

That night, we cuddled in bed, ordered a movie and giggled our way through each and every scene. Then, the thunder started again and Baron wanted to hear none of it. It was then that he suggested that we get to business and allow our voices to be the cause of such an uproar. This was a challenge that I had no intentions of turning down. Baron was the kind of guy that could make a girl belt from the top of her lungs and tonight would be no exception. To get started, I gave him a little show, allowing him to get a full view of my sexy escort body as I danced for him. There was no need to question whether or not my moves were making Baron hot. His jaw was dropped wide open and he looked as though he was seconds away from salivating. He found it hard to keep his eyes off me, in fact, he was so adamant to get his hands all over me that I didn’t get to complete my routine. Usually, I let him wait before he’s allowed to touch, but this night, I was competing with the thunder that engulfed London and being exceptionally turned on, I wanted him more than I was willing to admit.

“Oh Baron,” not just yet I protested. It may have been the weakest protest of all time because with just one touch to the nape of my neck, I was his and he was mine. Our screams and moans filled the room and penetrated their way out into the open air. Once the night was done and I headed down the hallway, I had no need to wonder why I was getting such interesting stares from the neighbors. They looked at me in awe with a hint of jealousy buried not too deep in their eyes.

About the author:
While being one of the most popular escorts in London, Candy still finds time to blog and keep us up to date with her antics

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