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Men love to compliment me on the way that I look and I can’t say that it’s not something that I love, hey how many busty women whether escorts or 9-5 office girls wouldn’t. Yes, I’ve been blessed with the body that I have at least to some extent. For everyone, there’s a necessity to stay fit and this is something that I too, ensure that I do. I’m not quite certain why so many people in London refrain from going to the gym. Personally, I find the gym to be a very sexy place. There are so many toys to be played with and so many men and women to admire. It goes without saying, that my trips to the gym aren’t only for training my body as a means of keeping up the perfect physique that I’m so often complimented for having. My other reason for going to the gym is to take in all the eye candy that my eyes can manage and possibly, pick up a date or two.

There was a time, not too long ago, when I was doing my regular rounds on the treadmill. I’d spotted a couple, deep in their workout, and I just could not allow my eyes to stray away from them. I just kept imagining how much fun we could have together and how much more I’d be able to make them sweat. When they headed for their water break, I made my way over and introduced myself. It was only then that I noticed that the man had visited me a few weeks ago. ‘Honey, she is the escort I’ve been telling you about,’ his face lit up and I already knew that making my way over to them was worth it. Both he and his wife were the adventurous kind of and he had told her all about his experience with me, wanting her to join in the next time. She was so excited to finally meet me and I could tell that she was impressed because her eyes kept making their way all over my body, checking out one feature after the other. ‘So what do you say?’ she asked, ‘Can we schedule a visit with you for next week at our place in south west London?’ At this point, her husband butted in. ‘What about tonight, honey?’ he asked. His wife’s face reddened even more and she nodded with excitement. Our trip to the gym was cut short as we headed back to their apartment and caught up with our exercise on their couch, in the kitchen and then in the bedroom.

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