Over to my place in north London

I could see her stealing glances at me from across the room maybe; she was from another escorts agency and she had seen my photos online?. I had been coming to this work out class in west London for about three weeks and every session I could feel that I was being checked out. This wasn’t a particularly strange occurrence; I mean men checked me out all the time. This time was different because it was a woman, a very attractive woman; could she be an escort?.

Her lips were so inviting that I had thoughts of just taking them between my teeth and nibbling at them. Her breasts were almost bursting free of her workout bra and I could just imagine how they would taste. She really had me thinking some naughty thoughts. She was too shy to come over to me, however, and I did not want to be my usual straightforward escort self. Toward the end of the class, I couldn’t hold back anymore and I strolled over to her. “Brianna” I said, introducing myself. “Anna” she replied. I proceeded to ask her how the class was going for her and then invited her over to my place in north London for drinks after the class was through. She promised to meet me in the parking lot after the class was over.

I half expected that she would be a no show but sure enough, three minutes after standing there she finally strolled over to me. We took my car back to my place. Once there, I poured us each a drink and we settled into my sofa to chat. My drink was almost done when I set it down and leaned into get the taste of those lips that I had been dying to have. She pulled back a little at first and then got into it. I caressed her breasts and then pulled them from their restraints, exposing two very perky and inviting breasts. I licked at her nipples and worked my way down to her belly button. I teased at it with my tongue before I made my way to green pastures and proceeded to work my magic on her pussy. She moaned from the sheer pleasure which absolutely drove me crazy. She soon took charge and explored my body with her tongue, bringing me higher and higher. If there were ever a girl that fits right into my dreams, she’d be the one. Everything about her was everything I’d dreamed of and I could be more ecstatic that I’d been given the chance to explore her delicious body.

About the author:
Italian escorts like Brianna are agency girls who are always in demand however, she still finds time to publish the odd blog to share her sexual encounters with an eager audience.

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