Bisexual pleasure

Louisa was a surprise, in so many ways. She was she the same age as myself and owned a bar in Central London and also managed an equestrian centre in Surrey for her mother. I guessed that her parents had helped her to set up and I wasn’t wrong; she happily shared information about her parents and her rebellious teenage life. She’d grown up quickly when her father was diagnosed with cancer and she’d had to support her mother and younger brother, who hadn’t dealt with it well. Her father had battled through his illness, and was in remission, but Louisa had matured as part of the process.

I had been recommended to her by one of the escorts taking bookings. Louisa was struggling with men and was still trying to work out her sexual identity. At one point, she had mentioned she was bisexual, but had only had a brief fling with a woman.

When she’d undressed, I was surprised to see that her nipples were pierced. Out of curiosity, I asked her if it had hurt at all and she smiled. “I had this done at the height of my father’s cancer battle; he does not know but it is a tribute to him really.”

I did not comment but she did start to take her knickers off, explaining that she had two further piercings if I was interested in looking at them. She grinned and I knew she wanted me to explore her. I was very careful to take this slowly, and I mentioned that in London all clients visiting escorts as a rule always shower before anything further happens.

Louisa was fine with that and I was hoping this would build up the air of expectancy for her, as I stripped off and asked if I could join her. “Yes, please do,” she laughed, as I heard the water running and sounds of her soaping herself. I told her to face the shower wall and not to look round yet. She had a single tattoo of a rose on her left shoulder, but apart from that she was tattoo-free. The next test was to soap her everywhere and check out just where she had been pierced.

I soaped her breasts, stomach and moved to her buttocks. I then let my fingers slip between her legs and she gasped. Yes, I could feel one tiny ring, but searched around and found another close by. “It adds to my pleasure,” she said, a little huskily. I whispered in her ear. “Don’t worry, you’ll experience a great deal of pleasure with me.”


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