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Wherever they go escorts in London always bring pleasure

A few years ago, I was on vacation in the beautiful island of Jamaica with a few of my friends from the work. I feel like every escort needs to have a few weeks to herself, away from the busy life in London and thus, this vacation was something I truly needed.

When one thinks of Jamaica, gorgeous beaches and perfect weather is what typically comes to mind. This is something that I was promised by my travel agent and I was sold from the moment she said that I’d have lots and lots of sun. I would be able to lay out by the beach the entire day and perfect my tan, something that was hard to do with all the rain London is known for. However, what they don’t tell you about this amazing island is that it is filled from top to bottom with eye candy. Yes, the men on that island will have even the most uptight women drooling day in and day out. My friends and I had initially promised that this would be an all working girls vacation and that we wouldn’t ‘think, dream or speak’ of men while surfing the waves and speeding on the jet skis. Of course, the minute that we made our way out of the airport, our pact was done. ‘Look at that’, ‘Check him out’, ‘He’s so hot’, were the only things to be heard.

Our hotel wasn’t much different. Everywhere we turned, there was another piece of eye candy begging us to indulge. Everyone greeted us with a smiling face and an irresistible accent and that is when we knew we would have to call off our pact. There was only one thing- we would stick together. Together, the three of us would find a man that we knew would be able to tickle our fancies in all the right ways and we would invite him back to our room to show him our escort skills. It didn’t take long for us to have our candidate and you can bet that this gorgeous guy wasn’t able to refuse the company of three beautiful ladies from London. In fact, once he came to terms with the fact that we weren’t joking, his face lit up and he had a glow that stayed with him the entire night and the entire morning. We definitely rocked his world in a way that it had never been rocked before.

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