I want to be inside you

It is twelve months since Mike went to work in New York and now he is back. I found my baby doll outfit and got myself preened and ready for a good seeing too. He was a regular who liked his escorts to give him there undivided attention and he always likes to stay over when he’s in London. Now he was on a new contract in the capital for six months, and was pleased to be back.

I opened the door in my baby doll, smoky eyes, and red lipstick and he let out a low whistle as he gathered me up in his arms and kissed my face, over and over. “You are looking so cute. You never even came out to visit me.”

“I know, I know, but I assumed you’d have a girlfriend out there,” I eyed him up, knowing quite well he would have been naughty.

“Actually, I had three girlfriends and one was my manager. I couldn’t live there permanently though. London is my home and it’s has the hottest call girls in the world.”

He had an American twang to his voice and I mimicked him, but I couldn’t quite get it right. I laughed as he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. “I want to be inside you, like yesterday,” he laughed, as he tore off his clothes.

I needed to slow him down. He wasn’t staying over, but two hours was a long enough time to kill and I needed to keep him satisfied. I stroked the curve of his bottom and asked him if he would like me to insert anything. He nodded, so I rose and took out one of my toys and took my time teasing him. I would not let him climax just yet, although his moans and whispers were increasing in frequency and volume.

I placed a condom on him and sucked away, whilst using the toy, with one hand, to pleasure him. I worked him with my tongue and cupped him with my other hand. Just before he came, Josh told me something and sounded quite genuine. “You are the best at this. You really are.” I had to stifle a giggle. Men could say all sorts of things just before they come. I’ve heard it all before!


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