Stroke The Curve of My Buttock

So far, I had two changes of clothing, and two changes of perfume. I was now showering and thinking about how much I was throbbing down there. Sometimes, it takes to the third session to be completely ready for great sex, escorts London hotties like me especially if the first two sessions were short and swift. Michael had warmed me up, Christian had given me my first deep orgasm, but Paolo’s sex was always good. As an Italian, he’d inherited strong Roman features; the profile of Adonis, and a gorgeous body with the softest skin I have known any man to have.

I changed into my see-through underwear, and fixed my stockings in place. Paolo was a man who liked to fiddle around with fasteners, buttons and zips. It seemed to add to his sexual longing. I didn’t want to disappoint him and struggled to zip up the long zip down the back of my dress.

After he’d arrived, he glanced at what I was wearing. “You always make an effort, thank you.”

He looked at the buckles covering the zip all the way down the front of my thigh-high boots and smiled. “You are one sexy escort. I love the boots, but if I don’t start to undress you now, I’ll run out of time.”

As he held my thighs over his knees, he glanced up my skirt.

“See-through, that’s nice!”

I could feel his erection already, and he looked at me with flushed cheeks. “Do you know something?” I shook my head and giggled. “You can keep the boots on. I don’t think I want to wait much longer. I like the thought of horny escorts naked expect for the boots, so let me help you to undress.”

Paolo undressed me. I could hear the zip being unzipped and the poppers being popped. Once I was down to my stockings and boots, he slowly rolled down the stockings and let the lie over the top of the boots. He kissed all the way from my mid-thigh, to my bottom, stopping to stroke the curve of my buttock, before asking me to kneel on the bed.

As he positioned himself behind me, he stroked the leather of my boots. “Good, quality Italian leather,” he whispered as he started to enter me. “There is something about leather,” Paolo groaned as he stroked my thighs and down to my knees. “You are a naughty London girl and I love it!”


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