He chooses agency girls for confidentiality

I looked at the list of requirements that were expected of escorts the, Personal Assistant had sent through for my Egyptian client on his visit to London, known only as Mr. M. I knew that confidentiality was vital with my clients and usually I am provided with an obviously made-up name, or even just a first name, which may or not be real. I guessed Mr. M. was a rich businessman although I had no other clues, other than to follow the requirements and be in the room reserved under Ms. James, before he arrived at the designated time.

I was twenty minutes early and my heels pounded the plush carpet in the hotel lobby, and then the hallway leading to the penthouse suite. I let myself into the room quickly, noting the security cameras positioned along the corridor. Once inside, I took a deep breath, and noticed the flower display on the table and a bottle of champagne chilling in a cooler by the bed, with another lined up on a table. The room was lovely and this was my first time in this hotel; the location was discreet and for the extortionate price per night, it was worthy of an extremely wealthy client.

I took out the instructions and checked that I had ticked them all off, except for the last one. I had brought the sheer black stockings with me to put on here. I think wearing sheer black stockings on a warm evening looked out-of-place, so I quickly changed them and pulled the flimsy fabric over the soft, scented skin of my legs and fastened them into place. I brushed my teeth, checked that my lipstick was applied in the right colour, also as requested, and waited for the evening to start.

The sun was setting and I lay back and relaxed on the bed waiting for any signs of arrival of my assignment from the agency. I did not have to wait long. I heard heavy footfall so I rose and quickly smoothed down the bed and sat in the chair as the key card opened the door.

I smiled and looked at the portly gentleman in front of me. He was as tall as I, not unattractive, and with several gold teeth. Mr. M. smiled at me broadly and shook my hand. I reckoned he was in his late fifties, as are over half my clients, with healthy libidos for escorts.

Then Mr. M stepped back and looked at me at arm’s length. I was relieved when he described me as “wonderful”. I took that as a compliment and then he asked me to pour the champagne as he needed to shower first. This was a typical scenario and I was comfortable. As I bent over to pour the champagne I could feel his hand slip up my skirt. I didn’t move as he touched the warm, bare flesh of my thigh and then placed a finger on the warm, damp area of my gusset and stroked me slowly. After a short caress, he laughed and went off to shower. He was going to be lively!

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