I always hold on tight

The water beat against my back with a vengeance- cold and powerful. After the steamy session that Steven and I had partaken in, I needed to cool down. When he called to say that he missed me, I didn’t think that it was possible for him to miss me as much as he did. He devoured each and every inch of my body, sending me spiraling in and out of ecstasy over and over again an ecstasy that was so powerful that even an experienced escort like me was totally blown away. Finally, he was asleep and I had the opportunity to give my body a break and recharge for what I knew would be a very long night.

However, it wasn’t before long that Steven entered the bedroom, his body giving me all the signs that said he was ready for me again.

‘I take it you’d like to join me.’ My eyes met his and he smiled at me in that cheeky way that drives me wild.

‘I would love to join you, Mirella,’ he said, slipping out of his boxers and stepping into the shower. ‘But as you know, I like things a little steamy, so you’re going to have to change the temperature.

I turned the knob on the shower, giving Steven just what he wanted. He stood behind me with his arms draped over my shoulder and his tongue gliding up and down my neck. The rush was miraculous. My body was incredibly sensitive to his touch and though I yearned to have him give me his everything, I enjoyed the way he took his time, teasing every inch of me. When he got down on his knees, my body tensed, anticipating what was to come. Steven was undoubtedly one of best clients I have met since moving to London and he definitely knew how to treat his escorts and that night, he ensured that I got all the best parts of him. He didn’t want me to do much. Instead, he insisted that it was his time to rock my world and I had no qualms when it came to allowing him to do just that.

I permitted myself to let loose and delighted in the pleasure he introduced to my body. And when he swept me out of the shower, placed me on the bed and told me exactly what he was going to do to me, it was hard not to get ahead of myself.

Guys like Steven are extremely rare and thus, hard to find. So when I do meet one like him, I always ensure that I hold on tight.

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