I Continued to Suck

I took my time as I sipped my coffee. After the Ryan experience, I thought about one of my early experiences as one of Sasha’s escorts London, was new to me then. I had a one-off client, booked through Sasha.

This guy was hot, to the point I felt nervous in front of him. Ayhan was a tall, handsome, polished businessman, with a presence that made women look at him in his wake. Whilst, he was well-built, he wasn’t bulky or overweight.

As I took off his shirt, my fingers stumbled across his bulging biceps. “I like to work out as much as I enjoy screwing escorts London, ladies being my preferred choice” he said, with a quick look at my cleavage, which was directly under his gaze.

Before we met, I had seen him earlier in the day, as I sipped coffee in a café. I was early for the appointment, and after hearing Sasha gushing about him, she had increased my apprehension. “He is so gorgeous, I would sleep with him at the drop of a hat,” she breathed down the phone. I watched the hotel entrance, and watched this guy getting out of his cab, smile at the taxi driver as they shared a joke, and headed inside, with long strides of those muscular legs.

Now, I was watching those very legs, naked now, as he lay on the bed. He took hold of his own cock, and smiled at me lazily, as he brushed the tip slowly. I wore a zipped dress and a bodysuit underneath; an easy outfit to take off, but I still did so slowly.

Ayhan was still stroking himself, so I crawled up that luscious body – kissing his calves, knees, and inner thighs until he cock was only an inch away from me. I could feel my pussy tremble at the thought of mounting this guy. He wanted me to ride him, but first of all, there was some play time.

I kissed the tip of his cock and blew up and down the length, watching his veins straining at my touch. He was already wet with pre-cum. “Do you like your balls licked?” I asked with a smile, and he nodded, now silent and those big green eyes were taking in my naked body.

I took one on my mouth and slowly sucked whilst my fingers stroked his length again and again. Ayhan was breathing a little harder. I continued to suck and then pulled off to catch his tip in my mouth. It caught Ayhan by surprise and I locked my eyes on his, as I slowly took him deeper into my mouth.

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