Escorts Make Good Prom Dates

“Have you ever been on a date with a much younger man?” Elizabeth asked her roommate as she got ready for her date.

“You mean for escort work or for play?” Annette asked flopping down on Liz’s bed in nothing but her undies.

“For work.”

“Well…”Annette thought about it for a moment, “Not that I know of.”

She propped her head on her hand watching Liz put her face on.

“Why?” she asked at last.

“Because my date for tonight is in high school” Liz said.

“What? As in how?”

“His mother hired me. She told the agency said he’s very shy and doesn’t socialize and just needs some confidence. So I’m supposed to give him confidence.”


“Just you know, nuffin R-rated. Just lots of attention, maybe some kissing. Making him feel like the king of the world.”

“And he knows his mother’s hired him a professional London escort?”

“No. He thinks I’m just a friend of his mum’s.”

“A friend he’s never seen before?”

“Yeah. So tell me, how flirty should I get?”

“He’s a teenage boy. He’d probably get hard just by you smilin’ at ‘im so I suggest you dial it way down.”

“Cheers”, Liz said as she touched up her hair, “I think I’m ready”, she said.

The uber they’d sent for her drew up at a rather large residence and she stepped out and walked to the door. The bell was answered by a tall gawky boy who would be good looking if he straightened his shoulders and did something about his pimples.

“Hi”, he croaked at her, studying her body like it was one of his Christmas presents.

“Hello. You must be Brendan.”

“Yeah that’s me.”

They studied each other for a moment. He hesitated, eyes on her cleavage before stepping out of the house.

“Umm, this way”, he said leading her to a Rolls Royce where a driver was waiting. He held the door open for her himself and the car glided off smoothly.

“Are you nervous?” she asked him because she could see his hand shaking.

“A- a little” he croaked.

“Will it help if I give you a little kiss?” she asked teasingly.

“Yes please”, he said leaning toward her at once. She let him have it; invading his mouth right away and taking charge. She sucked at his lips and drew his tongue into her mouth, doing battle with it as her hands rubbed at his thighs, making him jump.

She pulled away and smiled, “Better?” she asked.

“Uh huh”, he said breathlessly.


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