Memories of my first date with a man

My first real relationship is one that I love to look back at. The memories which I made in those years are memories that no escort would ever forget. Having gone to an all girls school practically all my life, it should come as no surprise that it was easier for me to open up to women than to men. In fact, when I thought about being in a relationship, I always believed that it would be a woman who stole my heart. So when Timothy walked in with that Prince Charming face and that chiseled body, it was hard for me to keep my focus on him. I remember it like it was yesterday. He was standing at the other end of my favorite diner in London with a group of his friends and slowly, but surely, made his way to the table next to me. All the time, I tried to keep my head down but there was something pushing me to keep looking at him. Each time I looked over, I was faced with his stares, his dreamy come to bed eyes and his kissable lips.

My friends encouraged me to go over and talk to him but I was way too shy. Luckily enough, my shyness didn’t mean that I missed out on the opportunity of becoming his lover, because he came over within a couple minutes and introduced himself. I was lost for words as he took my hand into his and graced it with one of the most delicate kisses I’d ever felt in my life. He invited my friends and I over to their place. We were supposed to have some drinks and then head out to the club. However, upon arriving, he decided to give me a tour of the apartment and that tour ended in his bedroom.

We sat on the bed for a mere five minutes before a burst of courage entered me and I had made my way on top of him, doing things that I never thought I would do on my first date. It was my first time being with a guy but anyone would have thought I was a professional escort. His body needed to be explored and something in my head told me just how to go about this exploration.

After that night with Timothy, I had been transformed. The feeling of being with a man was something that I craved and not too long after, I chose the path of being an escort working with a firm in London as a means to feed my ever increasing needs.

About the author:
Loved and adored by men and women in London Daria’s escort career has now reached dizzying heights but, she always finds time to publish the odd blog or two.

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